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Whether you're a Pear, Hourglass, Apple, Rectangle, or Inverted Triangle, this fun and easy quiz will help you understand your unique silhouette. Embrace your curves and celebrate your body with confidence. U

Unlock the secret to dressing with confidence and accentuating your best features. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and embrace the beauty of your body, no matter your shape.

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How can a Boudoir Session help with self-love?

A Boudoir Session is not just about stunning photos—it's a day of pampering designed to make you feel incredible. You'll enjoy professional hair and makeup, access to our size-inclusive wardrobe, and a complimentary lunch. These are things you absolutely deserve, and they'll help you realize that you are worthy of love and admiration. Through beautiful photos and a day of self-care, you'll leave feeling empowered and confident, ready to embrace your unique beauty.

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I'm very self-conscious about my body though?

Feeling self-conscious is normal, but in a Boudoir Session, it's all about celebrating you. I like to keep things fun, so there's no awkwardness! Plus, I'll show you images on the camera to help you relax and see how great you look. Together, we'll create a pampering yet fun experience, capturing your beauty in a way that leaves you feeling absolutely amazing. You'll see—this isn't so bad after all!

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Will my body shape affect the outcome of the photos?

Not at all! Boudoir celebrates every BODY, shape AND size. Whether you're curvy, petite, or somewhere in between, I specialize in capturing YOUR beauty in a way that accentuates your best features. My goal is to make you feel confident and empowered, regardless of your body shape.

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Moonlight + Lace gives an A+ boudoir experience! I felt like a goddess. Deanna is the best hype woman for sure. Her job is to make you feel as beautiful as you've ever felt, and she obviously loves it.

The studio is gorgeous and was inviting. There was a private room with personalized greeting...it's the little touches. Hair and make-up were fabulous, I didn't even know I could look like that!

Deanna walked me through every pose, and we laughed a lot in between! She made me feel so comfortable, I forgot I was hardly wearing any clothing! I liked that lunch is part of the package, it forced me to take some time for myself and I actually got a read a book I had been putting to the side for a while.

The reveal.....oh, the reveal. Deanna was just as excited as I was to show me what the pictures looked like. Jaw. Dropping. Again, big-time hype woman reminding me how gorgeous I am.

The expense is well worth it, what an amazing gift to yourself! I would do a boudoir shoot with Deanna multiple times a year if I could! She is an amazing photographer and just the sweetest soul. Highly recommend Deanna and Moonlight + Lace. Stop questioning if you should do a boudoir shoot, do it with Deanna!!

- Miss C.

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